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Blue Queen

A robbery is the starting point for a "blue story", a story that one can never guess,
unless every piece of the puzzle fits in its place. Four different point of views by four
greedy characters competing over the "Blue Queen", one of the world's most famous
and expensive diamonds. Among them, Yannis, through a series of revelations,
is turned from the offender into the ideal victim. By changing the perspective
each time, we discover significant additions and twists, that shed a new light
on the story, which gets more and more understood.

Produced by Liza Apostolopoulou, Alexandros Sipsidis, Dimitris Evlampidis, Apollonia Tsanta
Directed by Alexandros Sipsidis
Written by Dimitris Evlampidis, Apollonia Tsanta

Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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