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Award winner cinematographer; Christina Moumouri is based in Athens, Greece but is a nomadic soul. From Los Angeles to the favelas in Rio de Janeiro, Rome to Hong Kong, Christina has traversed the globe working with acclaimed directors Athina Tsangari, Neritan Zinxhiria and Yorgos Georgopoulos amongst them. Her work on the film Zizotec in 2020, was praised by the critics, winning Best Cinematography Award by the Hellenic Film Academy and Best Cinematographer Award by the Greek Society of Cinematographers. Her next projects include Yorgos Georgopoulos’ new feature Patti (produced by Faliro House) and Ari Marcopoulos Refused (produced by Haos Film). Christina is now one of the most established cinematographers working in Greek cinema.

Selective Filmography:
-Zizotek (GR)
*Best Cinematography, Hellenic FIlm Academy
*Best Cinematographer, Greek Society of Cinematographers
-Unpleasant (GR)
-Principes Felizes (GR/DE)
-The Blue Queen (GR)

-Motorway65 (GR)
*Cannes Film Festival
-Preparation (GR)
*Toronto IFF
-Nepenthes (GR)
*Best Cinematography, Drama IFF
*Special Mention for Best Cinematography, GSC
-The Farmer (GR)
*Best Cinematography, Drama IFF
-The Time of A Young Man About To Kill (IT/AL)
*Busan IFF
-Chamomile (GR/AL)
*Best Cinematography, Islantilla IFF